Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Those whom hated to eat is purely dumb!

I think In this blog I'll be posting a lot about foods. New, tasty and exciting foods that I've tasted will be previewed on my blog. Haha..Its damn nice that I am not choosy when it came about foods. Everything that is Halal is warmly welcomed to my tummy. LOL.=)).

Anyway, for starter, Have you eaten Mi Bandung Special at Odeon BP? Well, that one is legendary. On our way back to hometown last two days,  We've stopped for Mi Bandung there as I was craving for it. =P. But sadly, The Pakcik that made the special Mi Bandung was not there and probably has retired from making Mi Bandung. ;(. So, I tried the other stall and Its not bad after all. But the Lai Chi Kang i've ordered got spoiled Longan in it (quite sour). So, any of you readers have any suggestions on where the replacement for Odeon Legendary Mi Bandung, u  are welcome to leave a comment. =))