Wednesday, November 17, 2010

back from break!

salam! i've just arrived home about an hour ago. and the 1st thing i've done was testing my new subwoofer set i've bought from Rengit. Btw, my bargain hunt went awesomely well. I was quite surprised though by the way that i've managed to find almost everything that I've looked for there. But sadly there is no mini-refrigerator ..=((..haha.

Anyway, these are my best bargain i think. Braun water heater+mini rice cooker+altec lansing 2.1 subwoofer = Rm100.Damn nice ryte!? everything I bought seems to be untouched before. (don't mind a bit of scratch..=p). Like i've said in the last post, you can find almost everything here; (adding) BUT if you are lucky. haha

My dad bought himself an antique radio that sounds perfect for just RM100. I think it was a great deal because I've seen the exact same model at Segget  Flea Market and it sells for about Rm500+-.
If you guys have some time or just looking for something rare or unique, try Rengit; you wouldn't regret =)).

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