Monday, January 31, 2011

Hahahaha~ this post is for Superstar Rajinikanth's fan!

Swoosshh~ (action sound effect as Rajini swerve his body towards the camera). This is just good. Just woke up this morning from my action packed dream starring me as the hero against a bunch of  "karepae" (google this yourself) looking baddies, first thing that crossed to my mind is Superstar Rajini!! I've had a great moment watching his blockbuster Shivaji the Boss couple of weeks ago and suddenly, I'm craving for more!!

Alright guys, This is one of the greatest Rajini's movies and I've seen this one a long time ago(didn't  remember when). Entertaining to the core, this is another in a line of commercial Rajinikanth movies. Rajini is certainly the typical hero who can do no wrong! The usual Rajini magic with his one-liner (roughly translated as: My way is unique), stunts and songs about how grateful he is to Tamil Nadu and the people who have given him his fame are all there in this movie. Soundarya is rather aptly cast as the sweet servant who captures Rajini's heart. The real highlight is Ramya Krishnan as the villain. She plays the role of an egotistical and haughty woman who falls in love with the hero and has to deal with his rejection and ultimate marriage to her servant and yet remains undefeated!

Want more? enjoy it yourself!

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